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If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen and are interested in giving it a fresh look that’s both incredibly stylish and wonderfully welcoming, then you should definitely consider a bohemian aesthetic. Or perhaps you have already embraced the boho-chic vibe and want to continue elevating the atmosphere you’ve surely carefully crafted. In either case, finding something suitable to do with the tiles in your own kitchen just might do the trick.

In order to give yourself an idea of what to look out for when it comes to choosing ceramic tiles for your boho space, you should keep in mind that bohemian d├ęcor tends to feature inspiration from around the world as well as the outdoors, according to Wild River Workshop . That’s why you may want a variety of patterns and fine details as well as materials that will boast the particular colors and feel that you might find within far-off places or your own favorite spots in nature.

Beyond that will, The Kitchen area Company points to untreated wood plus worn leather for ideal bohemian accents along with fabric that’s been woven and, of course, plants. You can pair that with floor tiles in natural tones like burnt orange and mustard yellow, as well as both pink and indigo. With that in mind, take a peek at the following tile ideas that will be perfect for your bohemian-style kitchen.

1. Green honeycomb tiles

Thanks to the shape and placement of these small hexagon tiles, a stunning honeycomb effect has already been created in this kitchen area, which enhances the organic touches of a bohemian area. While these types of tiles would certainly look stunning in yellow, blue, or a range associated with other natural shades, the particular green would be perfect in a plant-filled boho room.

2 . Rough stone tiles

These stone tiles have been left with rough edges and textured surfaces that might be the natural highlights your bohemian kitchen needs. While you could simply use them as a backsplash, this space also boasts ceramic tiles around the particular island. Embrace the style even more by pairing the stone with raw wood that’s simply as beautifully textured.

3. Colorful mosaic floor tiles

Use a variety of small tiles that are associated with different shapes and colors to create a stunning mosaic in your own kitchen. By opting for organic boho-like shades such as blue, green, clay brown, plus white in order to make up your own artistic design, you could end up with an one-of-a-kind pattern in your truly unique room.

4. Natural marble and patterned tiles

Due to fact that it’s a natural stone, marble is a fabulous addition to a room that has a sophisticated bohemian design. In this case, different kinds of marble tiles with earthly tones have been used, along with slabs that are the same size and shape but feature matching patterned designs.

5. Weathered burnt yellowy-orange ceramic tiles

With a burnt yellow color that leans toward an fruit shade, these tiles might suit any boho space and brighten up your fashionable kitchen. On the larger side and somewhat glossy, the particular rectangular floor tiles also possess a slightly weathered appear which only adds to their charm plus character.

6. Bamboo tiles

Add a natural element to the aesthetic by using bamboo tiles. A trendy option that will can also be affordable, not to mention durable, these types of tiles are also super stylish and may be used within a range of ways. For instance, they look incredible when installed vertically because a boho backsplash, as they have been in this particular kitchen.

7. Artisanal diamond design tiles

While this looks like this backsplash is made upward of small diamond-shaped ceramic tiles, it actually features larger rectangular floor tiles that boast a gorgeous diamond design. While this surely makes it quicker and easier to pop up on the wall, it doesn’t take away from the particular artisanal appearance at all.

8. Vintage creative floral tiles

Artistic floral designs that come in different colours and designs can work in just as many bohemian spaces. They can furthermore be the chic contemporary version or something that’s classic and retro. Just take a look at these vintage-inspired ceramic tiles that have got been used for a backsplash which will be a fabulous focal point of the room.

9. Lined wooden tiles

Let your own walls become the touch of character that tops off your home’s style, or let them add to the natural feel that you have already created by choosing wood floor tiles. These long, slim tiles are almost all made of lighter wood plus would work with a modern take on a bohemian look or even something more timeless.

10. Stone tiles in nature-based tones

The earthy tones utilized for these types of square tiles are just since lovely while the glowing blue tiles interspersed between the others. With a subtle finish which intentionally worn, they bring a touch of color to the particular space in a way that will complement the bohemian character that a person want.

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