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From brick to stone or grass pavers , poured concrete, and wood, there are lots of options when it comes to paving your outdoor area. But nothing upgrade a patio quite like outdoor tiles! Outdoor ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and they’re also durable, a major bonus with regards to outside spaces. Not to mention, they also make it easier to incorporate color and style. If you’re considering tiles for your own patio , get inspired by the fourteen patio tile ideas from designers plus landscape architects ( and Diane Keaton! ) ahead, and learn about what makes this material a great way to set a foundation outside.

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1 Chessboard Tiles

Life-sized ceramic tile chessboards are trending, and design trends aside, additionally they facilitate group fun outside! Instead of spanning the entire yard on this Sonoma property , Ken Fulk opted for a gravel materials on the lower tier where the “chessboard” sits.

2 Monochrome Pattern

An eye-catching black and white tile scheme on this patio simply by Breeze Giannasio modernized the more rustic wood elements without looking overly contemporary and clashing. For a similar effect, choose the whimsical pattern with neutral colors plus then use more timeless and neutral furniture that won’t overwhelm the eye.

3 Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles that stretch from the ground up to the built-in bench and firewood storage niche give this particular patio designed by Robson Rak a look with a hint of texture. The light brick walls, terrazzo stool and sky blue cushion elevate it even further.

4 Modern plus Classic Tiles

Take a cue from this Kingston Lafferty –designed patio, exactly where various ceramic tiles make this backyard escape truly special. The whimsical tiles on the floor, partial wall, and bench bring so much joy to the space while the modern sconces and cobalt glowing blue tile table add the little edge, and the scraggly stone walls insert an old world charm.

5 Elevated Diamond Ceramic tiles

Landscape designer and Terremoto founder David Godshall chosen a creative hardscape as opposed in order to grass in this backyard. Not only do playful tiles allow for a welcome pop associated with color, but they’re also drought-friendly plus easier to maintain, making them especially great within drought-prone regions. The lush flora surrounding the region allows for plenty of green despite the particular lack of grass.

6 Rainbow Pool Floor tiles

A classic lawn yard brightens up this particular Los Angeles backyard developed by Madeleine Stuart whilst cement pavers make for a cost-effective patio. Though subtle, the rainbow patterned tiles tiling the pool make a big impact. Former homeowner Diane Keaton added them to the particular pool area for a pop of enjoyable in the outdoor area.

7 Mosaic and Slate Tiles

This patio, created by Emily Henderson , feels like a natural extension of the rest of the home and was treated more like a good outdoor living room than just your average backyard. Through the white recessed lightning that blends right into the overhang to the mosaic tiles and slate border as well as the cozy layout, this patio is optimized in order to increase livable square footage.

8 Geometric Tiles and Bricks

You can use floor tile on other surfaces other than the ground if you don’t want to tear up the particular existing patio foundation. Here, Studio Lifestyle kept the original packet patio flooring but used modern geomtric tiles around the outdoor kitchen island base for more stylish entertaining outdoors.

9 Blue Backsplash

Here’s another example of outdoor tiles on a patio that doesn’t require you to rip up the particular floors. Calais tiles through Granada Tile fill the entire wall structure and brighten up the lanai and carry a Florida home ‘s profusion of azure and white colored outdoors.

10 Brutalist and Classic Tiles

“When we built the particular courtyard between our kitchen area and den, we were inspired by a sunken garden we’d seen in Yucután. We plant plantings upon top of the wall so they would cascade down, ” says Ramin Shamshiri . Classic patio floor tiles, preppy garden furniture, a brutalist outside fireplace facade creates the magical blend of whimsy and advantage.

11 Terra Cotta plus Zellige Ceramic tiles

Terracotta ceramic tile pavers are another great patio option. Bright and warm yet in an all natural way, they may the perfect backdrop with regard to this small California courtyard designed by Sarah Solis . The particular slate zellige tiles make use of din the fountain are usually also a nice addition.

12 Alternating Patterns

Kingston Lafferty Design made this urban patio pop by alternating tiles of various colors plus patterns. The lanterns and tiered plants enliven it even further.

13 Modern Colorful Tiles

To visually separate the indoors from your outdoors, Anna Spiro Design opted for a subtle but colorful blue and white tile flooring on the particular patio. This particular ensures the more long lasting patio designed to withstand the elements but this doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard to blend in with the hardwood floors inside either.

14 Half Stone Half Patterned Tile

Always say yes to bougainvillea and fire pits! In order to make the particular seating region feel like its own nook on a larger outdoor, California-bases firm Studio Way of life laid down tiles with a small Meddetaian design to create it stand out.

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