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Mid-century is one of the most timeless and withstanding design styles. The term refers to a modern movement in home décor and design in the middle of the 20th century, roughly starting in the 1940s plus lasting until the 1970s; the style has continued to evolve and develop since then, per La Résidence by Léon plus George .

Some of the most recognizable aspects of the particular mid-century aesthetic include lots of geometric shapes and silhouettes, contrasting textures and patterns, and very distinctive color palettes. There isn’t any one-color palette, but the few easily identifiable ones exist. For example , there are the pastels of the 1950s, the retro   vibrant hues from the 1960s, and the groovy oranges and browns associated with the 1970s. Bathrooms specifically had a significant role to play in mid-century house design, according to Design Build . If you want in order to add mid-century inspirations to your bathroom, keep reading for some tile ideas.

1 . Dark green

Warm wood tones are usually incredibly popular in mid-century design. Pair with the deep plus rich green tile in order to contrast and highlight the orange wooden tones.

2 . Vintage pink

For a more 1950s-inspired mid-century bathroom, opt for pastel or bubblegum pink tiles. Pair with lighter creams and ivories to keep from overwhelming the room.

3. Simple and classic checkered

If a person want more of a classic, vintage mid-century look, consider tiling your floor along with a simple black plus white checkered pattern. Add traditional subway tiles to the wall, and have fun with mid-century décor  instead of design.

4. Seafoam green

Another floor tile option to bring in some late 1940s or early 1950s vibes is seafoam green. Add some pink and other warm colors to balance out the bold shade.

5. Yellow accent wall

Yellow is one of the particular most classic mid-century colours, especially in gold or mustard tones. Keep it on the modern side by choosing a fun ceramic tile pattern and tiling an accent walls in your own bathroom.

6. Blue on blue

If you’re not afraid to lean heavily into the retro vibes, consider going for a full-on glowing blue bathroom — blue floor tiles, wall structure tiles, paint, plumbing, etc. Contrast along with a bright, sunshine yellow accent colour.

7. Wood paneling

In case traditional ceramic tiles aren’t your thing, think about swapping them out for wood paneling. They’ll give the effect of tiles, but they’re much easier to repaint as needed plus add the retro, mid-century texture in order to your bathing room.

8. Wood chevron

Wood is a major aspect of mid-century design — modernize it by using it sparingly to tile your restroom. Then add interest by incorporating the chevron pattern.

9. Bright and airy

If you don’t want to commit to the mid-century aesthetic, yet want aspects of it, add a retro-colored tile backsplash to your bathroom, keeping the rest bright plus white.

10. Fun patterns

Modern interpretations of mid-century design tend to implement tastefully busy patterns. Floor tile your bathroom floors with a fun and eye-catching pattern, pairing your walls and plumbing with the design’s colors.

11. Subway tile galore

Subway tiles expand through multiple design movements but have a significant place in mid-century design. Keep it simple with a basic white floor tile with black grouting, or get creative with colorful tile and grout combinations.

12. Mid-century glam

Include a touch of glamor and sparkle to your own mid-century bathing room by swapping out your hardware for precious metal. Pair along with a rich retro shade tile like emerald or even avocado green.

13. Reflective luxury

Mid-century design is a great way to reflect a sense associated with luxury within your home, especially your bathroom. Opt for a shiny plus reflective ceramic tile for your own walls in order to mirror the particular luxurious features of your bathroom.

14. Floral designs

Floral patterns are another staple of mid-century design, especially in the ’60s and going into the ’70s. Tile a good accent wall with a floral patterned tile for a few vintage inspirations.

15. Classic marble

Modernize mid-century silhouettes plus wood tones with some marble tile in your restroom. Keep this simple simply by tiling the floor or walls, or even go all out by tiling both.

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