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L: Original Style, R: Brent Darby | Nation Living

Kitchen tiles tend to be chosen by answering some pragmatic design questions – will they wear well? Can they become wiped clean effectively? Will grouting discolour in such a busy and demanding space?

But modern tiling is such that these more practical qualities come as standard, leaving you with a bit more creative license to choose playful tiles that feature great colour combinations , interesting textures and patterns, or even painted chickens (more on them below. )

So with a myriad of choices available, how to pick the best ones for you? There is the tendency to choose ceramic tiles in the particular initial stages of designing a kitchen , along with wall colour and cabinetry, so they can become a base from which to build. But if you want your tiles in order to be more than just a base note, we suggest reshuffling your design timeline, plus considering floor tiles as a finishing feature.

Tiles could pick up the colours in your favourite pieces of furniture or accessories, or even create the country-inspired mural behind your own hob. You could uplift a dreary corner set aside for muddy boots and coats with blush pink floor tiles, or use chalk paint from Annie Sloan to paint checkerboard patterns onto existing ceramic tiles.

Below, we’ve looked at some associated with our favourite tile suppliers and retailers from Original Style in order to Homebase , to find sixteen kitchen floor tile ideas, tips and tricks to inspire your next upgrade.

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1 Kitchen area tile ides: farmhouse

This charming farmhouse-inspired splash back displays some of the key characteristics of Delft tiles, with the familiar blue and white colours plus sweet depictions of rural life. Paired with the particular cream-coloured AGA and shaker cabinetry, it’s pure countryside.

Pictured: Dyrham Dairy Ceramic Tiles at Hyperion Tiles

2 Kitchen ceramic tile ides: classic country

A sweet country kitchen vignette picking up fresh shades of green. Kit kat tiles are a great choice if you’re tiling to the half in your kitchen – too much can appear overwhelming – and the soft moss green upon these Country Living Artisan tiles is a great base for warmer cream colours and brass accents. We love those painted cows, as well.

Pictured: Country Living Artisan Moss Green Ceramic Wall Tile at Homebase

3 Kitchen tile ides: pantry tiles

We’re seeing a return of the walk-in kitchen in contemporary country kitchens, and floor tiles can be used really effectively here. A simple white-colored tile will be all you need to provide a backdrop to an assortment of enamelware, jars, and tins, and the high-gloss glaze will help to bounce the light around if your pantry is in a dark corner.

Pictured: Papyrus Brick Tile in Original Style

4 Kitchen floor tile ides: splash back

Tiles may make all the difference even in the smallest of kitchen areas. In tight spaces, pick any size between the tiny mosaic and a small brick – nation kitchens have a tendency to end up being highly decorated with lots of interesting details, plus so you can afford in order to have busy tiled areas. The navy blue makes the great contrast to a sunny collection of yellow mugs.

Pictured: Nation Living Artist French Navy Ceramic Wall Tile from Homebase

5 Cooking area tile ides: pastels

A clever style choice right here, and one that can be so easily replicated. The soft sage green inside these densely patterned tiles is matched perfectly in the painted cabinetry – on a large scale, this will feel wonderfully bright and fresh. The particular dark metallic hardware is usually an important detail too in preventing the scheme becoming overly pastel.

Pictured: Fleur Pumice Tile with Original Design

6 Kitchen ceramic tile ides: utility room

If you dedicate a corner of your kitchen area to storing muddy boots and coats, patterned or colourful tiles can be used to uplift an otherwise functional space. Keep your surfaces practical plus easy to wipe down, and go for an eye-catching floor tile, like these beautiful peony blush ceramic tiles from our Country Living collection at Homebase.

Pictured: Country Living Starry Skies Peony Blush Wall & Floor Tile on Homebase

7 Kitchen tile ides: all black

A brave design option, but one worth considering nonetheless. No other shade will provide such a strong contrast in order to brightly coloured accessories, and so it’s a good choice if a person want your sunnier colours to stand out.

Pictured: Rhian Black Gloss Tiles at Walls & Floors

8 Kitchen area tile ides: Tapestry style

Country kitchens tend to embrace clutter and a charming mismatch associated with furniture and accessories. Mirror this in your cooking area tiles simply by going with regard to randomised designs – all of us love this collection through Original Style that creates a tapestry effect.

Pictured: Blue Tapestry Collection at Initial Style

9 Cooking area tile ides: feature flooring

10 Kitchen tile ides: playful pattern

One for the artists plus budding DIYers. These tiles are hand painted with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, which requires no sanding or even priming, and adheres in order to wood, metal, laminate, concrete, and more. An affordable way to update tiles without replacing them.

Pictured: Kitchen floor tiles painted along with chalk color at Annie Sloan

11 Kitchen area tile ides:

A mix of pale mint green, buttery yellow, plus sky glowing blue makes this particular kitchen light and airy, whilst the particular darker floor tiles ground the plan and prevent it from looking too washed out. Definitely consider darker tiles in case your kitchen benefits from plenty of natural light.

Pictured: Harrogate Tiles in Original Design

12 Kitchen tile ides: rustic and charming

Country kitchen areas tend to embrace anything a little worn-out and old-fashioned, and this can be complemented even with brand new tiles. Go for tiles that have handmade elements like uneven edges, the rippled surface, or a good encaustic effect that creates a chalky, matt finish.

Pictured: Nation Living Starry Skies White Light Floor & Walls Tile from Homebase

13 Cooking area tile ideas: mural

One of our preferred kitchen floor tile effects. Create a sweet mural that picks up scenes from the countryside – we love these Winchester Tiles that will feature plump fruit and colourful roosters. This works best in a corner associated with your kitchen that has natural framing, here set back behind an AGA.

Pictured: Chicken Coop Tiles with Winchester Ceramic tiles

14 Kitchen ceramic tile ideas: Calico tiles

It’s not just colored tiles that can add visual interest to a kitchen, textured tiles work wonderfully to add depth plus capture natural lighting in striking ways. Here, the iconic Burleigh calico pattern is cast into ceramic wall tiles in the delicious navy blue. We love the particular tiled skirting too.

Pictured: Burleigh x Craven Dunnill Jackfield tiles

15 Kitchen tile suggestions: Mediterranean inspired

The pretty mediterranean effect here, with an incredible tiled floor, and simple coated mosaic dash back. Again, these tiles have been decorated with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint inside colours that evoke images of olive groves under a sunny Italian sky.

Pictured: Kitchen ceramic tiles painted with chalk paint at Annie Sloan

16 Kitchen area tile concepts: Pretty plus pale

These pale kitchen area tiles feature a distressed damask pattern, an effect that provides an interesting vintage quality. The choice of all-over neutrals is a great 1 when you have such a richly-coloured function AGA.

Pictured: Aurora White colored Tiles on Walls and Floors

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