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kitchen splashback ideas

So you’ve finally settled on a door style for your kitchen cabinets , chosen a colour after much deliberation and committed to a style of hardware. Now it’s time to dress the walls with a splashback.

‘Deciding on the splashback can be daunting with all the options, but it can also be a fun and very creative process when designing your dream kitchen area, ‘ says William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens.

A cooking area splashback that is fit for purpose around the wall-facing sink and cooker will protect the surrounds from escaping blobs associated with grease and water. But the fact that your choice can be a statement in itself – or not – only adds to the particular sense of uncertainty. Do you opt for a bold, glossy tile? Or a mesmerising marble that is like an artwork in its own right? Here we bring you all the best kitchen splashback ideas in order to help inform your decision.

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1 Kitchen splashback idea: get creative with offcuts

Using the same material as your worktop guarantees a cohesiveness, but it can be made all the more remarkable by cutting this into a creative shape. This oval provides a playful and soft touch to an otherwise angular setting, whilst ensuring continuity.

Pictured: A shaker kitchen simply by Olive & Barr in Mid Azure by Little Green

2 Kitchen splashback idea: think small

If you have a patient tiler (or better still – are having the go yourself) then diminutive tiles piled up in grid formations can prove as impactful as the particular more shouty patterned surfaces. They lend themselves in order to awkward areas, such as windows, and can even be used to extend up plus around to make a feature of them.

Pictured: The kitchen by The Main Company

3 Kitchen splashback idea: perfectly imperfect

‘Farmhouse square tiles are a classic, stylish and beautiful option – perfect for giving a nostalgic feel to a modern kitchen, ‘ states William Durrant, of Herringbone Kitchens. The Zellige style pictured here hail from Morocco and are handcrafted, resulting in tiles that vary within tone, shine and depth, due to their artisanal nature.

Pictured: a kitchen by Herringbone Kitchens

4 Kitchen area splashback concept: tile along with terrazzo

The particular co-founders associated with Interior Fox used a colourful terrazzo worktop plus splashback in order to update an existing kitchen rather than replace the cabinetry.

Pictured: A kitchen area remodel simply by Interior Sibel

5 Kitchen splashback idea: go textural

You don’t have to proceed bold with colour to make the wall look interesting. The simple yet repetitive concave surface of these Japanese porcelain tiles delivers texture and interest in spades.

Pictured: A cooking area by Vaughan Design & Development

6 Kitchen splashback idea: tongue and groove it

‘Damp-proof MDF will be a budget-proof way in order to do a splashback that is easy to install, ‘ says interior designer Laura Stephens, who chose it to warm up a kitchen along with a tiled floor. Using eggshell paint to combat splashes, ‘it adds real texture plus character to any space. ‘

Pictured: A project by Laura Stephens

7 Kitchen splashback idea: embrace Patter

For an impactful splashback you may fit and seal yourself, look no further. Our range of glass sheets come in on-trend designs with self-adhesive backing. Simply seal with clear silicone and you have a wipe-clean statement around your oven or kitchen sink. DIY improvements you can tackle within a morning don’t arrive easier than this.

Pictured: House Gorgeous Jasper splashback in Indigo, Splashback. co. uk

8 Cooking area splashback idea: go bare

Whether you go for exposed brick or look-a-like Brick Slips , uncovered walls give an industrial and romantic feel. Just be sure to seal them with a varnish to avoid any long-term stains.

Pictured: A kitchen by DeVOL

9 Kitchen splashback concept: paint it

Continue the particular theme of your backsplash with paintwork – as demonstrated right here by British Standard Cupboards. The language and grooved edging is usually carried on with a ‘tide line’ associated with bi-colour duco that adds a sharp plus graphic twist to an otherwise traditional environment.

Pictured: A kitchen by British Standard by Plain English

10 Kitchen splashback idea: mix it up

House of Hackney’s exciting new collaboration along with historic UK tile-maker Craven Dunnill features flat, hand-glazed squares and ornately relief variations. Used together, they create rhythm and opulence to give the warm feel around a stove.

Pictured: Tiles by Home of Hackney x Craven Dunnill Jackfield

11 Kitchen area splashback idea: treat it like wallpaper

This particular handsome slab of quartzite from Cullifords covers the walls in all its natural plus organic beauty. Don’t worry about trying in order to match such a finish to anything else in the particular setting – just give this space to breathe and let it steal the show.

Pictured: Fusion Wow Light Quartzite through Cullifords

12 Kitchen splashback idea: marbled moment

The hunky piece of movement is enjoying a moment within the trend spotlight, but it’s a timeless addition to a kitchen area. Adding drama and irregular beauty thanks to its natural composition, an inspired idea is in order to have a ledge cut from any remnants for a curated shelf.

Pictured: A kitchen area by DeVOL

13 Kitchen splashback idea: accept the ‘wrong’ way

In love with a budget-busting tile? Use it sparingly (but impactfully) in the less obvious formation. That could become to simply frame a sink or hob, or in a short vertical run as pictured here, where it provides a dash of colour and is definitely in-keeping along with the kitchen’s linear layout.

Pictured: Task management by Lizzie Green

14 Kitchen splashback idea: mirror, mirror

Particularly impactful within small kitchens , a mirrored splashback will bounce light close to whilst providing a greater feeling of space. And if facing a garden, it will effortlessly provide the outside in. A distressed or antique style is well-suited to the period property.

Pictured: The kitchen simply by Olive & Barr

15 Kitchen splashback idea: aluminum wonder

For a modern kitchen, AluSplash’s aluminum panels are hard to beat: easy to install and grout-free, they come in myriad colourways plus finishes, through bold shiny shades to calming matt surfaces. Our own favourite though, is this concrete effect.

Pictured: Concrete splashback by AluSplash

16 Kitchen splashback idea: continue the worktop

For a stealth backsplash, interior designer Melissa Hutley used plain white quartz – the same materials as the worktop – in this London kitchen. She notes: ‘It has the same level since the wall, which you can make it slimmer, but if you’re using a marble slab, you have to account with regard to the thickness and therefore can’t reduce. Right here, we wanted to keep things pared-back with a traditional design. ‘

Pictured: A cooking area designed by Hutley & Humm

17 Cooking area splashback concept: make a collage

Tiles and wallpaper sound like a daunting combination, yet under the particular masterful vision of French interior developer Amélie Colombet Intérieurs, these people come together to whimsical effect. Try Mosaic Factory for endless colourways.

Pictured: A kitchen by Amélie Colombet Intérieurs

18 Kitchen splashback idea: cork it

It would appear that will Plykea’s plywood cabinets plus cork move together such as bread and butter. Pure Tree’s rustic style arrive in sheets – so no need to call out the tiler. And they boast acoustic and thermal benefits too. Just end up being sure in order to seal them if making use of as a splashback.

Pictured: A project simply by Plykea

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