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The disco ball is well on its way to making a comeback, and if its reemergence in interiors proves anything, it’s the magic of mosaic tile. But why stick to a single sphere of tiled goodness when you can introduce mirrored or colored glass in order to just about any surface? Whether you’re looking to add color to an outdoor living space or texture in order to an otherwise humdrum bathroom, mosaic can easily step in to transform a space into something dynamic, dramatic, and full of sparkle. Below, we take a look at nineteen rooms from the AD archive that utilize mosaic to the full potential.  

Photo: Oberto Gili, ADVERTISEMENT , April 2017

Old-world ornament

Roman-style mosaics add a worldly feel to this Studio Peregalli–designed bathroom, while a wood vanity plus side table add delicacy to the sea of stone and marble work.  

Photo: Jon Miller, AD , March 2004

Tons of texture

Mosaic floor tile envelops this particular galley bathing room designed by Tigerman McCurry, creating the sense of a true escape for the homeowners. The frosted glass-pane doors further solidify this spa-like atmosphere. English sycamore cabinetry plays off the color associated with the mosaic while calling back to the particular adjacent walk-in closet’s cabinets.  

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The Interiorist

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