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If you’re looking to give your bathroom a style makeover in the new year, use these designer-approved ideas to help it feel as fresh as possible. The hottest bathroom decor trends for 2023 play on personality, texture, visual interest, and cozy vibes to make this intimate space the particular peaceful home sanctuary it should be.

Freestanding Tubs

Striking red freestanding bathtub from Cassa Design.

Striking red freestanding bathtub from Cassa Design.

Clawfoot cast iron tubs will never go out of style, but the builder-quality jetted soaking tubs seen in many homes are getting the little tired. Often built into tiled surrounds, these behemoths are just as ugly as they are difficult to clean. This year, more people will go for reasonably sized freestanding bathtubs in interesting shapes to make their bathrooms feel more spa-like. Translucent tubs and Japanese-style soaking tubs are standout options, like this striking red tub from Cassa Design .

Cozy Colors and Bold Prints

Painting the entire bathroom white can go a long way toward making it feel fresh, but there’s a serious downside in all that visible dirt. It’s also kind of boring. Cozier, warmer color schemes will replace this outdated trend in 2023 to make the bathroom feel more comforting. Olive green, peach, and rich earth tones are among the top colors that will gain popularity this year, along with boosting the particular personality factor through wallpaper .

Dark botanical wallpaper print from Etsy seller Los Angeles Wallpaper brings a splash of style to this contemporary bathroom space.

Dark botanical wallpaper print from Etsy seller Los Angeles Wallpaper brings a splash of style to this contemporary bathroom space.

Modern stick-up wallpaper is much easier in order to put up plus take down than its predecessor, and it’s available in virtually every print and color you can imagine on Etsy. For more traditional styles, you can’t go wrong with William Morris . This dark botanical print is from Etsy seller Los Angeles Wallpaper.

More of Your Personality

Large wall-mounted artworks and sculptural vaseadd a splash of personality to this Sean Anderson-designed bathroom.

Large wall-mounted artworks in addition to sculptural vaseadd a dash of personality to this particular Sean Anderson-designed bathroom.

Bring warmth and even personality to be able to your bathroom with decor like antique furniture, window treatments, oil paintings, and other statement-making pieces. Some people are even adding rugs (just not too close to the toilet, of course). The idea is to decorate the bathing room more like you would the other rooms in your home instead associated with keeping it so sterile. Bringing in elements that really speak to who you are will not really only make your restroom more interesting to look at, it’ll also make it feel nicer to be in. Large artworks and a textural vase do just that in this bathroom by designer Sean Anderson .

Artistic Tile

Gorgeous dark blue bathroom mosaic by designer Jamie Drake and Cheryl Hazan Mosaic.

Gorgeous dark blue toilet mosaic simply by designer Jamie Drake together with Cheryl Hazan Mosaic.

Textured, decorative tile will be a hit in 2023, along with mosaics and additionally other custom patterns. Try mixing not to mention matching floor tile patterns, finding handmade options that sense really unique, or creating eye-catching geometric patterns. Terrazzo continues for you to be on the rise, bringing in a lot of fun speckled textures while remaining easy to clean. It often comes in large-format sizes, too, so there’s less grout to deal with. This particular gorgeous installation was created by designer Jamie Drake in collaboration with Cheryl Hazan Mosaic.

Mix of Old and New

Designer Andrea Schumacher turned an old chinoiserie cabinet into a washstand with the addition of a marble waterfall top.

Designer Andrea Schumacher turned an old chinoiserie cabinet into a washstand with typically the addition regarding a marble waterfall top.

Bathrooms where everything will be brand new and also matchy-matchy may feel the little soulless. On this other hand, you also don’t want it to help feel like a new time capsule. Go for a sweet spot in the middle by mixing old as well as new components. For example, an antique commode is a great replacement for some sort of vanity from a big-box store. Ornate mirrors and lighting also pop in small spaces. Here, developer Andrea Schumacher turned a classic chinoiserie cabinet into a good washstand together with the addition of your marble waterfall top.

Statement Stone

Dramatic stone backsplash in a contemporary bathroom made from Elite Stone's Calacatta Borghini Imperiale paneling.

Dramatic stone backsplash in some contemporary rest room made from Elite Stone’s Calacatta Borghini Imperiale paneling.

Big slabs involving statement stone also rank among this specific year’s top bathroom decoration trends. The more dramatic, the better. It might come in the form of a fabulous bespoke vanity top, an important backsplash, shower walls, or even flooring. Natural materials are preferable if possible, but you can get a similar look using materials like travertine and eco-stone . This spectacular wall is made of Elite Stone’s Calacatta Borghini Imperiale paneling .

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