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Often , the bathroom is overlooked when someone looks to add a little pizzazz to their home’s interior design. This is a shame since chances are everyone who visits the house will use the bathroom at least once while they are there. With that in mind, why not cheer it up with easy upgrades like new tiles and other subtle touches that will take your bathroom from good to great?  

Bathroom styling cues often become outdated over time, slowly turning into stale reminders of past design trends. Many homeowners like to keep up-to-date on home theatre equipment, while showers and bathroom floors are left to stagnate and degrade over period. Bathroom tiles by Tilemall are a simple way to integrate your bathroom’s design statement with the rest of the home in order to ensure your property creates a lasting impression on any and all visitors. Modern or rustic, earthy or bright, tiles are the foundation of any kind of bathroom’s style elements. Installing suitable ceramic tiles ensures this room adheres to your home’s intended overall design message.

Let’s take a closer look in some useful tips that you can use when you’re next redecorating your bathroom using floor tiles.

Tub Tiles

A super easy way to freshen up an old tub is to surround the particular outer-facing base with porcelain tiles. Go for a rustic outdoor look with these humidity plus moisture-resistant pieces in your favourite texture and colour. Match those up with ceramic wall tiles around your own mirror or even alongside your sink basin. Now you have an integrated theme you can complement with other ideas like candles or framed artwork.

Tile Basics

Ceramic vs . porcelain ceramic tiles is the common question when planning a bathroom project. While both are applicable for walls and floors, these materials do have some key differences.  

Porcelain tiles are produced from 1205 degrees celsius and absorb less than 0. 5%, making them an ideal candidate for humid environments. So not to worry if you enjoy long hot showers. Feel free to line the wall space and floor of your shower with porcelain and enjoy the heat plus scratch-resistant surfaces that will provide years of service due to their denser and much less absorbing properties. Durability and longevity are the hallmarks associated with porcelain, though keep in mind cutting them in order to size may be tricky but still doable with regard to experienced DIY remodelers.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles are generally easier compounds to work with during installation. Cutting, shaping, drilling, and mounting are easier with ceramic. For example, mounting extras like towel racks, soap dispensers, or even toilet paper mounts favour ceramic tile. Ceramics’ softer characteristic means it’s less suitable for outside use than porcelain, but it also comes with a cheaper cost. Cold weather is the enemy of ceramic, so the milder climate and interiors are ceramic’s favoured make use of cases. Ceramics also come in a large variety of intricate designs. However , colours will trend to the more earthy side of things, commonly seen in red or brown tone hues.

Design Cues

Retro, traditional, modern. Just three of a myriad associated with choices within the world of decorative tiles. Advances in computer-aided design technology mean if you can imagine it, chances are usually you can find a tile to suit your tastes and expression.

Bathroom floor tiles can be produced to reflect any design goals you have whilst matching up with any kind of use case. Tiles shaped like leaves, rocks, flowers, and more. And all along with the durability you would expect on prices that will don’t exceed your budget.

Do you want 3D effects? How about a custom geometric shape unique for your preferences? Do you prefer matt or shiny areas? Wet or dry look? Circles or even rectangles? Chances are the catalogue has something for your needs. Perhaps your bathroom was re-painted recently, but things don’t appear quite right. Not to worry, it’s so easy to find a tile design to complement existing wall colours.

Don’t redo work that has already been done. If the particular lighting in your bathroom is complete, but typically the room still needs that extra something, try using a different tile design. You may be surprised how much tiles can improve an otherwise neutral or incohesive design. Visit some showrooms or check out some blogs and become inspired to bring your design dreams to come to life with an easy installation of quality bathroom tile.

A Solid Foundation To An Amazing Bathroom You Will Enjoy For Many Years To Come

Use bathroom tiling as this foundation associated with your vision for often the room, then match up other parts of the room to complement the look. Choose lighting, faucets, racks, and cabinets which go along with that statement, whether modern or rustic. Add your perfect bath mat or perhaps small carpet to make the whole room pop and wow your friends. With just a small learning curve, anyone can take a new set of tiles and transform a classic or maybe neglected bathing room into one together with a fresh new look and feel, drastically improving the value and overall experience of your home or commercial business.


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