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Stepping through the particular hotel door, first impressions are quickly made based on design and décor. The tone is set, and the colour, texture and pattern on the walls plays an integral part as the particular book is most definitely judged by its cover. Choosing the right design needs to be considered plus often bold, combining style with a plethora of practical considerations such as durability and affordability. Hyperion Tiles explores some of the options available for designers to create the particular a statement wall covering solution for every space.

textured wall tiles from Hyperion tiles on the wall in reception area

Image credit: Hyperion Tiles

With the first visual chance to impress beginning at reception, creating a welcoming atmosphere is paramount. Using a combination associated with a textured tile and subtle colour is one option to present a hotel entrance in a sophisticated way. Textured tiles will instantly add depth to a good overall scheme, and can also be used to define different zones. Create a statement backdrop to the particular check in process, or frame an entrance to the lift before transporting guests in order to their private retreats. Choosing a clever selection of wall coverings can both direct guests as well as giving a suggestion of what lies beyond.

3D wallpanels make a statement in hotel guestroom

Image credit: Hyperion Ceramic tiles

Wallcoverings in the guestroom can provide more than the design statement, but can also impact on acoustics. Floor tiles allow designers the opportunity to play with texture plus finish while 3D wall panels shift the style into a stylish and contemporary frame. Panels and ceramic tiles can offer a broad range of design options that are both practical and hard wearing as well as being easy to clean, all of which is key in the hospitality arena. Alternative wallcoverings within the guestroom are a means of injecting warmth and character into the design aesthetic of the particular guestroom, ensuring the experience is the memorable one.

3D wallpanels make a statement in hotel guestroom

Image credit score: Hyperion Tiles

Moving from the bed towards the bath, a luxury hotel bathroom is the perfect place with regard to striking design elements. Luxury tile styles and surfaces marry perfectly with a lot more practical elements, being easy to clean and maintain. Think opulent designs, like marble or marble-effect tiles, which can make a small space feel more opulent, whilst wall panels can be used to define areas in a bathroom design. An interplay associated with contrasting walls ideas, some of which can tie into the floor regarding a more seamless finish, can elevate the bathroom from functional to fabulous.

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Main image credit: Hyperion Ceramic tiles

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