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Lioli Ceramica, India’s leading porcelain tile and slab manufacturer, offers vast collections of porcelain slabs for every residential and commercial project!

With creativity, innovation, plus persistence to deliver only excellence, our team creates ultra-modern porcelain piece collections to enhance our clients’ living experience”

— Milan Gadara, Director of Lioli Ceramica

MORBI, GUJARAT, INDIA, December 8, 2022 / EINPresswire. com / — India’s leading porcelain tile and slab manufacturer , Lioli Ceramica, is known to offer a wide range of exquisitely designed porcelain slabs for different applications. With a broad variety of options to choose from, the company offers trending plus latest catalogues for residential and commercial tiling requirements.

Harnessing the expertise and artistry of the particular tile experts, Lioli uses the highest-grade materials and utilises the latest innovative technology in order to carve memorable masterpieces associated with porcelain slabs. Every floor tile undergoes a series of rigorous testing and quality checks, ensuring complete client satisfaction in terms of beauty, durability, plus functionality. The team constantly comes up with unique tile designs and patterns using R& D and sets new benchmarks in the tile industry with its innovative ideas.

“With creativeness, innovation, plus persistence to deliver only excellence, our team creates ultra-modern porcelain slab collections to enhance our clients’ living experience”, explains Milan Gadara, Director of Lioli Ceramica. He adds, “with our goals of providing customer satisfaction with porcelain slabs made using highest grade materials and the latest technology. Our core values ensure we never lose sight of our vision to provide the best results and reach a vast audience worldwide. ”

Asia’s biggest porcelain slab producer and supplier , Lioli’s porcelain tiles have gained immense popularity among homeowners, architects, interior designers, plus constructors. It’s because of their amazing properties, such as high durability, heat and fire resistance, anti-slip properties, chemical plus spill level of resistance, that need minimal care and maintenance.

In addition to making top-grade porcelain slabs, Lioli Ceramica pays attention to sustainability as well as the environment. The brand’s tile collection is vastly used for indoor and outdoor homes, offices, cafes, and commercial buildings like hotels, hospitals, malls and many more.

Lioli Ceramica gives elegantly curated porcelain piece collections in the following sizes:
1600*3200 mm
1600*2400 mm
800*2400 millimeter
1200*1200 mm
1600*1600 mm

Ideal for kitchen countertops, walls plus big places floorings, the particular 1600*3200 millimeter porcelain slab collection comes in 6, 9, and 12 mm thicknesses. These tiles are available in beautiful shades of silver, grey, white, and onyx, among others, and are perfect for lending an aesthetic and functional appeal in order to big space wall plus flooring applications.
The particular elegantly crafted collection of Lioli’s 1200*2400 millimeter porcelain ceramic tiles with 9mm is suitable with regard to floors and walls and is perfect for residential plus commercial projects. By delivering an excellent combination of elegance and practicality, this ceramic tile collection has many stunning colours, styles, patterns, and textures to select from.

For those looking to give the dull kitchen an attractive makeover, Lioli Ceramica’s exquisite variety of 800*2400 mm porcelain slabs are highly preferred by architects plus homeowners regarding kitchen countertop applications. The brand offers a wide selection of light and dark tones kitchen countertop slabs to match the client’s interior theme.

Another interesting collection within 1200*1200 millimeter size provides versatile porcelain slab choices in six and 9 mm thicknesses for floor and wall applications. From dark colors like Armani Brown, Pietra Grey and Saint Laurent to lighter colours associated with Dyna Classic, Omani plus Bruno Flakes, this collection comes in Rustic Matt, Orgatech, and Lustrous finishes suitable for interior and outside applications.

Meanwhile, the 1600*1600 mm porcelain tile collection by Lioli Ceramica would work only intended for flooring purposes. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, patio, garden area, office, resorts, hospitals, and much more; this selection is ideal for heavy foot traffic areas and requires minimal maintenance. Just like the other selections, the floor tiles in this cluster also come with a variety of choices in texture, finish plus colours in order to cater to a broader audience base.

Catering in order to a vast audience locally and worldwide, Lioli Ceramica offers a wide selection of beautifully developed porcelain slabs in various sizes, textures, designs, and patterns; this particular gives the clients a wide range of choices!

About Lioli Ceramica
Holding a strong presence in the tile industry for over four years now, Lioli Ceramica has become a trusted brand for home owners, architects, plus designers for its best-quality porcelain tiles that depict elegance and sturdiness at their finest. Through innovative technology, Lioli ensures that every tile meets international standards in conditions of looks and performance.

The particular porcelain slabs are available in a wide assortment of colours, designs, textures, and finishes; the particular brand presents something to get every client’s tile-laying needs. Being the manufacturer of large-format porcelain slabs, Lioli Ceramica works consistently to help you make your area a beautiful reality.

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