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If you’re planning a remodel, you are likely looking for new shower tile suggestions. Even in the smallest of rooms, these can be transformative, creating not just the opportunity to add color and pattern, but to introduce space-enhancing visual tricks, too.  

Usually we’d say the bath itself is the best place for a brainstorm, yet thinking outside the cubicle plus taking the look at these inspirational ideas with regard to showers might just be the next best thing.  

Both waterproof and washable, bathroom tile ideas are perfect regarding showers both with and without trays, and intended for the floors of wet rooms, as well.  

Aside from their practicalities, the availability of tiling in a wide array of shower-fit materials – from porcelain and glass, to ceramic and stone – as well as shapes, sizes, colors plus finishes, means that the design possibilities are usually endless.


Leanne Ford Interiors / The Albion Bath Co / Bert & May/@thelandscapelodge / Future/Allan Callender

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