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A kitchen backsplash isn’t exactly a design element you want to go through the hassle of changing often. It’s time-intensive and expensive. That being said, if you’re ready for the new look, you might as well take a new year as an opportunity to go for it! Luckily, designers plus industry experts are predicting a few kitchen backsplash trends will take off in 2023 . Whether you’re ready to display a dramatic marble slab or build the creative wall made of mixed materials, there’s sure to be a kitchen backsplash trend ahead that offers inspiration and unlocks motivation for your next kitchen area makeover . (And while you’re at it, make sure to consider the other cooking area trends plus kitchen cabinetry trends experts expect to gain popularity in 2023, too. )

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Dramatic Stone

“Stone slabs are dominating backsplashes, ” says Nancy Epstein, founder and chairman of the particular board in Artistic Tile . “They’re complemented by renewed interest in colorful mosaics and textured stone tile with mixed finishes. ”

From dramatic veining to rich colors, “you can’t beat the raw beauty of natural rock, ” adds designer Whitney Riter Gelinas . “We love pairing less busy countertops along with a striking marble or even an onyx! ”

Sustainable Selections

Mixed Materials

Unconventional backsplashes with mixed materials can instantly add a special component to your kitchen. This kitchen area wall space is already being used in creative ways by specialists. For the 2022 Whole Home , designer Whittney Parkinson used mirrored glass tile above a simple dark gray backsplash to reflect back the particular daylight.

Subtle Details

In the same kitchen, Parkinson added another backsplash. She selected the Ceasarstone slab with carved detailing. Parkinson is one associated with many designers who have used this subtle element to add some depth, including Sarah Robertson who utilized it on the backsplash for this kitchen .


“It’s been in designers’ bag of tricks for a while now, especially within high-end design, but using the exact same material for the countertop plus backsplash is going more mainstream, ” designer Joshua Smith says of the countersplash pattern . “What I love about it is that it provides continuity and feels cleaner, giving a modern element to any style. inch Here’s an example of the tendency in a kitchen designed by Melanie Millner .

Geometric Focal Point

As modern Art Deco is on the rise , the style is making its way to the cooking area through geometric backsplashes. While adding the wow factor, it can also flex the viewer’s imagination. “I love to stare at this one and see different objects—paper airplanes, dandelion florets in flight, robotic parts being assembled, ” says designer Momoko Wong . “It’s various every time! ”

Patterned Tiles

Whether you have an all-white kitchen or vibrant cabinetry, a patterned tile backsplash can easily give the room a good intricate, playful touch. To refresh the New Jersey colonial , the particular Toledo Geller design team installed a new patterned kitchen backsplash along with new counters, an island, and plumbing fixtures.

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